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screenshot of the home page

Getting Started

  1. To begin a completely new proposal for a new grant opportunity, you need to fill out the Notice of Intent Form to begin.
  2. If you want to view all of your historic proposals, click the "View History" button. By default all, completed or declined projects are hidden from the main list.
  3. If your approval is needed on a proposal, that proposal will show in the "Approvals Needed" box.
  4. The "Proposals In Progress" is the primary list of proposals for each user. This list will show any proposals that you created, are personnel on, or are an approver on. This list only shows proposals that are still being worked on. Completed or declined proposals are hidden by default. See #2.
  5. Use the Menu to quickly get back home, change your profile, access help documents or logout.
  6. In order to submit a No Cost Extension for a proposal, click this button and fill out the form.
screenshot of the proposal details page

Proposal: Details

  1. The Proposal Menu allows a user to easily navigate between the different screens within a proposal.
  2. Basic information about the proposal can be found on the Proposal Header. On the right hand side of the header are two buttons to access a summary of the proposal (formerly PARS Print) and to check the proposal for errors prior to routing.
  3. The middle of the page contains the form for entering data for this part of the proposal.
  4. The side bar on the right hand side shows the comments for this proposal.
  5. At the bottom of each form you will find buttons to perform actions related to this page. On the left and right are "Back" and "Next" buttons if you prefer using them instead of the menu. An exception to this is the first and last pages which will only be able to go in the direction that makes sense.
screenshot of the personnel page

Proposal: Personnel

  1. Here we have a list of all Personnel on this proposal with their roles and percent of credit.
  2. Add a New Participant easily.
  3. You may see warnings on this screen. If any personnel have out of date FCOI training, it will alert you now, so that things will not be so rushed when routing starts. If the total credit does not add up to 100%, you will not be able to route.
screenshot of the project activity page

Proposal: Project Activity

  1. The Project Activity form tracks various
  2. A "Yes" answer to one of the Intellectual Property questions will notify the Department of Industrial Cooperation
  3. The Back and Next buttons will also save your data before leaving the screen.
screenshot of the compliance page

Proposal: Compliance

  1. Answering "Yes" to the Animals or Humans questions will result in a notification to the Office of Research Compliance.
  2. Contact information is available for questions regarding Recombinent DNA or Inectious Agents.
screenshot of the export controls page

Proposal: Export Control

  1. Contact information related to general export control questions is available.
  2. Additional information about sanctions is available at the link provided.
  3. A "Yes" answer to any of the export control questions will send a notification to the Office of Research Compliance.
screenshot of the safety management page

Proposal: Safety Management

  1. Contact information related to radioactive materials, lasers, and diving is available.
screenshot of the documents page

Proposal: Documents

  1. ORA staff will upload the budget, budget justification, and abstract. After this, you will see links to view the documents.
screenshot of the financial information page

Proposal: Financial Information

  1. This chart starts with the source of the money to fund this project. The first line will always show the sponsor, while subsequent lines will show other sources if applicable.
  2. The type of source will show whether these are Sponsors, UMaine units, 3rd Party, or Other sources.
  3. The third column shows the direct costs part of the budget for each source.
  4. The fourth column shows the indirect costs part of the budget for each source.
  5. No chart showing money would be complete without a totals column.
screenshot of the approvers list page

Proposal: Approvers List

  1. The approvers include all personnel plus additional approvers as needed.
  2. The role refers to this person's role for this proposal. If someone was an interrim chair, select chair as that is their role for this proposal.
  3. Route Order shows the order in which approval requests will be sent. These can be linear as with the Dean and VPRDGS or they could be at the same time as with the Chair and Closing Account Administrator.
  4. Only ORA will see the "Start Routing" button which checks the proposal and then begins routing. All others will have a "Check Proposal" button which checks the proposal but does not begin routing.