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Update: October 5, 2020

In preparation for a new Grants Management System (GMS) and in response to recent research community feedback, we have made several revisions to PARS.

Notable Changes:

  • UMS Single Sign-On: all users must now log on using their personal UMS account. PARS accounts can no longer be shared amongst users. Users will have the ability to grant access to delegates to perform PARS activities on their behalf.
  • Approval Tracking: approvals are now tracked at the user level, enhancing historical records.
  • Workflow Improvements: many processes have been streamlined and are now automated.
  • User-friendly: questions have been reorganized and simplified to increase ease of use.
  • Accessibility: many updates have been made to support modern web accessibility standards and PARS can now be used on any device.


  • Will my old PARS username and password work?
    No. For security purposes we are now using the UMS Single Sign-on.
  • Can I share my credentials like I used to?
    No. Because we are now using SSO, do not share your credentials. If you need someone to help with PARS, please see the section on delegates.
  • Will the old link to PARS still work?
    For now, yes. The old link will redirect to the new link for the time being. At a point in the future, we will disable the old link, so please update your bookmarks to the new location.
  • How do I get access to PARS?
    • To register, a new user will go to https://umgrants.maine.edu/pars and login
    • You will be asked to verify your profile information.
    • The RIM/ORA teams will be notified and you will be granted access. Generally this happens within one business day.
  • Who can register for PARS?
    • Any person who will be a PI, Co-PI, Sr. Personnel, or an approver on a proposal can and should register, as registration is required to use PARS.
    • Additionally, people who will be helping to create proposals or help fill in data should register (e.g. financial or department administrators).
    • Generally graduate assistants are not granted PARS accounts unless they will be listed as PI or Co-PI on a project. For example, a graduate student who is applying for a fellowship would be considered the PI and therefore would be eligible for a PARS account.
  • Do PIs, Co-PIs, and Senior Personnel need to be included on the approvers list?
    If a person’s name is on the budget and they have a role of PI, Co-PI or Senior Personnel, then they need to be included in the personnel list. The personnel list is for people working on this project and anyone listed will be automatically added to the approvers list.
  • Who should be included on the approvers list?
    • Each proposal will be slightly different.
    • The approvers list includes all people on the personnel list automatically.
    • Every proposal must include a closing account administrator.
    • Every proposal will typically include at least one chair/dean pair or a Center Director/VPRDGS pair.
    • The approvers list can include many other people depending on the proposal. Please contact your ORA staff member if you are unsure.
  • How do I start routing my proposal?
    Only an ORA staff member can start the routing process. Routing will only start after all proposal details have been verified by ORA staff.
  • Who can see this proposal?
    • The user who created the proposal
    • The PI and any Co-PI's and Senior Personnel
    • Anyone on the approvers list
    • Research Staff from the VPR's office such as ORA, ORC, and ORD.
    • If a user can see a proposal, then all delegates of that user can see the proposal. Learn more about delegates.
  • Who is required to take FCOI Training?
    • Any PI, Co-PI, or Sr. Personnel listed for a proposal must first complete FCOI Training.
    • Any approvers for a proposal including but not limited to Deans, Chairs, Directors, Closing Account Administrators, and the VPR.